Big Game Tips
  • Trespass Fees

    Jake - December 2, 2010

    In many Western states, the game and fish departments have lists of landowners that are willing to allow trespass hunts. You most often have to contact the departments at the district level by phone to get the list. They will mail you a list of these landowners and in some cases will email or fax them. Many of these landowners allow free access to their land or charge only a minimal fee.

  • Don’t Get Skylined

    Jake - December 2, 2010

    When hunting along a mountain ridge, walk carefully just below the ridgetop so as not to skylight yourself. If you walk too high on the ridge, your quarry will easily spot you. Before heading over the top of a ridge, duck down first and crawl those last few feet, peeking over before exposing yourself.

  • Clean Up with Diet Coke

    Jake - December 2, 2010

    If you can’t find a water source for getting the blood off your hands after field dressing an animal, try rubbing dirt on them instead. Take some dry or moist dirt and rub it briskly between your hands and fingers. The dirt acts like pumice and does a surprisingly good job of removing blood. Or another alternative is to use Diet Coke. The Diet Coke will take the blood right off and not leave you sticky either.

  • Field Dressing Big Game

    Jake - December 2, 2010

    Protect your clothing and skin from blood when field dressing an animal by purchasing gloves and arm gauntlets for approximately $1. Check your local sporting goods store or retail outlet before the hunting season starts. Stuff a few pairs in your bag and you won’t have to worry about getting messy while field dressing your trophy.

  • Custom Made Catridges

    Jake - December 2, 2010

    When reloading cartridges in preparation for a hunt always cycle them safely through your action long before leaving for your trip. You never know when you may have made some basic reloading mistake that will surprise you in the field just as that big one enters into range. Common mistakes include not resizing when necessary, failure to trim case length or seating the bullets too long and with too much neck tension.

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